Zoie Matthew

Los Angeles


Native Bee Species Still Need Saving

Industrial farming has played a big part in shaping the narrative around “saving the bees.” Here’s how systemic change, meat-free diets, and pollinator-friendly lawns can help protect the thousands of native bee species currently at risk in the U.S.

Vegetarian Times
June 2022

The Fight for L.A.’s Street Food Vendors

Getting a permit is difficult and expensive, and the state food code is prohibitively complex for small-scale vendors. A coalition is working to help protect this important economic and cultural tradition.

Civil Eats
March 2022

Will Dropping Poison on the Farallon Islands Preserve Biodiversity—or Harm It? 

It’s a complicated predicament with no clear “right” answer, and it raises a question that often comes up when trying to tackle complex environmental issues: Should humans take drastic measures to solve the problems we created, or will our meddling only make things worse?

Alta Journal

January 2022

Are Worker Co-Ops the Solution for the Restaurant Industry’s Labor Woes? 

The emplyee ownership model is nothing new, but the pandemic has some workers wondering if it could make L.A.’s restaurants more equitable.


November 2021

Distributing COVID Vaccines to Unhoused Angelenos Poses Unique Challenges

Los Angeles County public health officials have started administering COVID vaccines to the tens of thousands of people experiencing homelessness in the city, with the help of local nonprofits and service providers. But overcoming logistical concerns and a lingering distrust for public officials will make protecting some of the region’s most vulnerable residents a challenge.


March 2021