Zoie Matthew

Los Angeles


Los Angeles garment workers inspire a national fight against wage theft 

Garment workers in Los Angeles have been fighting for years to abolish the piece rate system and systemic wage theft in the industry. A new law they campaigned for seems to be working, and it’s inspiring a national push for garment workers’ rights.

August 2022

Protecting the rare Island Scrub-Jay

Only the most intrepid birders lay eyes on the striking cobalt feathers of the Island Scrub-Jay, which live exclusively on California’s Santa Cruz Island. The species has the smallest range of any bird in North America—but the isolation that makes them special also means they are particularly susceptible to extinction. 

July 2022

The big problem with microplastics

California is combatting microplastics with groundbreaking research and legislation. But can one state’s policies really make a difference now that plastic particles have  infiltrated the world’s water, air, and ecosystems?

Alta Journal
July 2022

The colonial roots of the black mustard plant

Introduced by Spanish colonizers, mustard is an invasive species in the West, and its spread is intrinsically linked with the development, land use changes, and environmental shifts that have happened since California’s mission period. Like many of the legacies of colonialism, it continues to have harmful impacts on the plants, animals, and people that are indigenous to the region today.

July 2022

Native bee species still need saving

Industrial farming has played a big part in shaping the narrative around “saving the bees.” Here’s how systemic change, meat-free diets, and pollinator-friendly lawns can help protect the thousands of native bee species currently at risk in the U.S.

Vegetarian Times
June 2022